Trusting Your Intuition

Hi all, I’ve been wanting to jot some things down for a while, I get a tad preoccupied and well today is the day. I’m Tracy, I’m the founder of the store. I’ve been quite intuitive my whole life but always doubted myself or didn’t want to recognise it. With mental health issues in the family, I thought that I was seeing and hearing things … I was but it was different. One of the voices was called Alma, little did I know at the time, my future husbands Great Grandmother was Alma! We were friends/neighbours at this time. I remember the day I yelled at them to stop, it was overwhelming, messages coming from every angle. They stayed but they were a lot quieter. Years later I decided to actually acknowledge it and the adventure began. I’ve done many courses, Including intuitive and psychic courses, Kinesiology, Reiki Master to name a few. I find that I like to mix a bunch methods together to create my own little way of processing my intuition. I’m a big believer in not following in a strict set of rules, we are all individuals and should work with what’s right for our own self, individually. YOU DO YOU ! Fitting enough today heading down to Sydney to buy some shelving for the shop I was listening to a Jay Shetty Podcast. The podcast was about trusting your intuition and what wisdom it has to share. He broke it down to 5 steps. The five steps are below with some input from me.


  1. Understanding that our brains, bodies and feelings are deeply connected. That our brains do more than thinking, they run our whole body, our whole being. How we think and feel. We need to look after our brains and bodies. Getting rest, relaxation & generally looking after our own wellbeing. If we aren’t feeling at our optimal best, the messages/intuition will be misunderstood as our minds and bodies are basically just trying to take care of it’s basic needs. We can give from an empty cup. This also means knowing how to interpret your feelings and knowing if in fact the feelings are our own. Check in with yourself - take note of how you’re feeling mentally and physically. Do you have any pain? Is your mind busy ? Are you happy? Are you sad? I call this checking in with yourself. Then when a feeling comes over you - ask yourself . Is this mine? Did I feel like this before? Then see where that takes you.
  2. We think we have all the facts and we can just sort through them until we get an intuitive hit on what we should do. In reality our brains show us what we want to see and what we told it to focus on. Eg our friend gets a new car and suddenly we see that type of car constantly, we never even noticed them until now. We tell our brains what’s important and what to focus on - like setting our own algorithm we need to go deeper and bypass our own algorithm, open ourselves to what we’re feeling and sensing. Notice the different.
  3. Our brain brings bias. We align with solutions that are easy or familiar to us. If it’s outside the box, so to speak we tend to ignore it. Often enough our intuition will guide us down a path that we normally wouldn’t take. An unfamiliar path, a path that we’ve been ignoring. It will guide us to face things that we have pushed aside yet need to confront to be able to rise above. To heal. A path that we fear or a path that brings about change. More often than not, it’s not the change that we fear but what comes along with it. Set aside 10-20 mins per day for a week  and journal about change. It doesn’t matter if it’s a belief or a story. Start with ‘I fear change because’ or ‘what change means to me’  So lets journal - I’ll admit I’m not a journaler but I’m going to, you should too - each night for a week. Game on !
  4. We are brought up with set beliefs. Our link to our own culture. Needing approval. We are the ones that have to live with our choices. I call this ‘coming out’ this is coming out and being the true authentic you. Releasing the need to be accepted and brushing aside any judgement. YOU DO YOU. Unapologetically you. I have the upmost respect and admiration for anyone living their true life. The LGBTQI community fits this, the best, living their true lives. So brave and authentic. Dress how you want to dress, say what you want to say. Be the true you that has been suppressed for whatever reasons.
  5. We weaken our intuition by ignoring it. Like an ignored text message, we weaken the connection. We need to reestablish this connection. Making space for intuition. Scheduling time for yourself. Meditation or time without any distractions, 10mins a day and see what you come aware of - thoughts feelings. Ideas, distinguish the signals. Commit to the cause and welcome it. To guide us for fulfilment of our soul and spirit . To grow, learn and evolve and become our true self. You can meditate, you can write things down, you can do cards, hold crystals, whatever feels right for you. Lets see what happens - maybe pop down what you did and how you feel afterwards in your journal.

    Have a fabulous week playing with your intuition. Feel free to message on FB or Insta with any questions.

    Trace xxx