A Musruck The Art Of Kipper Reading

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Our intuition beckons us, many times, more frequently than we realise. Yet, once we embrace the silent messages that come from within, we can clarify and gain strength from their meaning. Kipper cards categorize four main areas of focus: people, events, situations and objects, or places. Each group is designed to provide information on specific people and issues. You'll learn how to understand the importance of direction and how to apply it, unlock the Grand Tableau, utilise the three-step formula for memorizing Kipper cards, and quickly understand the three common mistakes to avoid. Gain useful insight and tips to enable you to connect to your intuition and obtain answers to some of your more perplexing questions about life. This is an approachable method of divination that makes practical sense for beginners as well as advanced readers. Musruck's Kipper Cards sold separately. AUTHOR: Alexandre Musruck is a French cartomancer, psychic reader, and the founder of the popular YouTube channel @LenormandandKipperReading. He's been using Kipper Cards in his divination work for more than two decades. When he's not writing or teaching, Alexandre, from the coast of Reunion Island, can be found spending time with his adorable kids, Mathilde and Raphael, and his lovely wife and soulmate, Erika.

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