Chinese Lucky Coins

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3 coins:

Set of three gold I Ching coins tied with gold cord, representing wealth. Place under your front door mat to symbolise wealth entering the home, carry in your purse or place in the safe at work.

6 Coins:

Luck and Influence Place in the northeast & southwest to weaken #2 & 5. It is recommended t o place two sets of six.

Six I Ching Coins tied with red ribbon have many uses.
They may be hung in the northwest to signify luck of the northwest (influential people). This benefits the head of the family. Six coins in this area also represents excellent networking good fortune. When six I Ching Coins are placed on your invoice book it is believed to double the wealth. Place the Yang side up, the side with 4 characters.

9 Coins:

9 gold finish Emporer coins tied with red ribbon.These important I Ching coins may be placed in the wealth sector of your home or office which is the South East. They may be placed in the family sector of your home or office which is in the East.The Nine Emperor Coins represents ongoing wealth for nine generations. Place behind you on the wall in the office. Nine coins may also be buried in a red envelope at the front entrance of your home or office. This signifies the unity of heaven and earth while the number is believed to elicit good fortune.


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