Clear Quartz Vogel 18.4cm

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Vogel Crystals are Quartz crystals that have been cut with a specific number of sides and angles according to the discoveries and teachings of Marcel Vogel (1917 to 1991).

For many years, Vogel was a research scientist with IBM, before becoming very interested in Quartz crystals. The Vogel cut is designed to work with, and improve, that natural ability of Quartz to receive, transmit, amplify and focus energy. It is based on the Tree of Life pattern, which, it is said, came to him in a vision.

For some people it can help to increase vitality when they lack energy or feel low; for others it can bring calmness and a feeling of wellbeing. It clears blockages & limitations at all levels of Being, protects against unwanted energies, increases awareness & promotes spiritual growth. It amplifies thought-forms, prayers & the effects of all other crystals, & can focus & enhance other forms of healing.

The male termination tip of this gorgeous Vogel healing wand is fashioned to form an extremely sharp tip designed to maximize the coherence and strength of energy streaming from the wand, while the female termination tip was cut a little wider, to maximize the area available for input of Universal Life Force energy from Source

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