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Placing Confucius in the Northeast sector will enhance academic aptitude and educational enhancement

Confucius is regarded as the greatest teacher to ever exist in China, and his teaching have since helped many people all over the globe to become better people. He wrote many books, such as the “Book of Changes”, “What You do not Want Done to Yourself, do not do to Others”, “Life is Really Simple, but We Insist on Making it Complicated”, and “Our Greatest Glory is not in Never Failing but in Rising Every Time we Fall”, which have become passages of great insight. These books were the base for Chinese school education for many years to come. 

Displaying this majestic man’s statue in any environment, be it home, work or school, will bestow his blessings of the cardinal virtues (decency, love, righteousness and wisdom) to those around him. According to Feng Shui Bagua 8 Life Aspiration formula, placing Confucius in the Northeast sector of the living room, in the bedroom or one the study table will enhance academic aptitude and educational enhancement. He can be displayed in meeting rooms, writing rooms or study rooms, as well as in establishments where new and genuine ideas are essential. The presence of Confucius is ideal for leaders, managers, teachers, writers, authors and those in the field of communication as he brings mentor luck.

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