D. Ruiz Ripples of Wisdom

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Getting to connect with this man with an indescribable joy. All of the guests that have dropped by the podcast have been people who have ideas that can allow us to see more of the truth, more of your truth. As it is said, The truth shall set you free. Don Jose Ruiz and his family exemplify the message of The Reconnected Human. Life, Love, Truth. Jose Ruiz is teacher of the ancient Toltec wisdom and the author of The Fifth Agreement, along with his father don Miguel Ruiz, the bestselling author of . Jose also has a new book out titled . It is understood in the Toltec tradition that we as humans, create our reality. This process will be altered by the beliefs or agreements that we hold to be true about our reality and ourselves. The Four Agreements and Fifth Agreement are tools to be used to break self defeating beliefs and to use our power to create the life of our dreams.

The agreements are as follows:

The First Agreement: Be Impeccable with your word
The Second Agreement: Don’t take anything personally
The Third Agreement: Don’t make assumptions
The Fourth Agreement: Always do your best
The Fifth Agreement: Be skeptical but learn to listen