Gold Rhino Statue AN191GD

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H: 40 x W: 90 x D: 35mm

Display a pair of Rhinoceros close to the main door of the living in your home, facing towards the outside of your home.

The Rhinoceros, a double-horned work of art made from poly resin, is a well known feng shui symbol of protection, be it against robbery, accidents, office drama or betrayal, especially against the vicious #7 Star in Period 8. The rhinoceros has attained these attributes due to its protective and resilient nature as an animal, and how it is aggressive towards any other threatening beasts. In Feng Shui, the Rhinoceros is best utilized to protect against any negatives or dangers in life when a pair is placed on an elevated plane in the affected sector, or flanking any door in this vicinity.

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