G Zukav Spiritual Partnership

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Ever since Gary Zukav's The Dancing Wu Li Masters burst on the scene in 1979, he has been marked out as a thoughtful and intelligent author who is always ahead of the curve in explaining new ideas. This gift was evident again when he published The Seat of the Soul in 1990. It touched a chord, and sold 7 million copies worldwide.In The Dancing Wu Li Masters, he explained the significance of modern physics and showed how this had implications for the transformation of our consciousness. In The Seat of the Soul, he once again took us beyond the external world, deep into the heart of our true natures, outlining the existence of intangible realities' beyond the reach of our five senses.Now, in his stimulating new book, the direct sequel to The Seat of the Soul, Zukav shows how we cannot make spiritual headway unless we form significant and meaningful relationships. Only then can we create lives of fulfillment, gratitude, vitality, creativity and joy