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Many of us feel an affinity with the notion of faeries, having felt their call of magic since childhood. Deep within us we feel a purpose to awaken the mystery of the old ways, of the days when magic abounded. Now more than ever before we are being urged to become an integral part of the magic and mystery of Nature. The Earth needs our help and the Fae are calling us to harness the power of Nature, to honour and revere the ways of our ancestors who worked in union with these very real nature spirits. In return, they offer us their assistance so that we too can heal, create, and thrive in our very modern world, in balance and harmony.

In this introductory book to the Faeries, you will learn:
– who the Faeries really are and where to find them how to communicate and work with the Fae signs that the Faeries give different types of Faeries: earth, air, fire, water
– spells, meditations, invocations, exercises how working with the Faeries heals our spiritual, physical, and emotional wellbeing, and strengthens our connection to the natural world around us

This book is for anyone who has a fascination with Faeries, a love of nature, concern for our planet, or even the slightest belief in magic. One can expect to emerge stronger, wiser, and more powerful than ever imagined

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