J. Friedlander Basic Psychic Development

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Unlock your psychic ability with this powerful, easy-to-use guide to energy awareness for both beginners and advanced practitioners alike. Basic Psychic Development offers step-by-step exercises that show readers how to understand and use auras, chakras, and clairvoyance to make the invisible world become visible. Based on the work of Lewis Bostwick, founder of the Berkeley Psychic Institute, Basic Psychic Development encourages an open, playful approach to experiencing these energies.

John Friedlander's Basic Psychic Development shows how to:

  • Develop your ability to see auras, develop clairvoyance, and access healing powers
  • Overcome blocks and boundary issues
  • Heighten self-awareness, healing, and insights
  • Have deeper intimacy with yourself and others
  • Discover your path to connect with spirit guides or angels

The book includes "Suggestions for Further Exploration" at the end of each chapter.

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