K Crow Ghosts and Ghoumas

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When Kye Crow asked spirit to help her end the hell she was in and show her the way to be happy, she had no idea her life was about to change. Big time!

This intensely magical journey that crosses several continents begins on the shores of the Arabian Sea in Goa, India. A place where Kye would learn not only that calamities and crisis when embraced can be full of gifts, but that the source of everything we seek outside of ourselves, lies within.

Join Kye as she gleans wisdom from challenges, hangs out with holy men, meditates at the top of mountains, meets an ancient sadhu called “God” and when challenged by a black magician discovers the most powerful protection we all have is our own loving hearts.

This is a book that journeys deep into the shadows and unveils the greatest treasure of all, LOVE.

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