Ki-Lin Dragon Statue Pair AN185BS

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7.5 X 5 x 6cm 

This pair of Chi Lin standing upon a bed of wealth, including golden coins and gold ingots, to depict your prosperity and wealth is safeguarded.

Chi Lin, or the Chinese Unicorn, are a very common and very powerful symbol, seen often guarding the entrance ways of homes and buildings. This is because in legend they were the guardians of the heavenly gates. Legend tells that they would prevent all evil from crossing through the sanctimonious portal.

Also called the dragon horse, the combined symbolic effects of the magnificent, empowering traits of the chi lin include: ambition, confidence, fearlessness, fortitude, sound well-being and great endurance. They protect the owner with great loyalty and ferocity.

  1. Place one Chi Lin on either side outside of your entranceway, especially if you are directly opposite a T-intersection, elevator, stairwell or other path of transport. The Chi Lin will help to slow down any excessively fast travelling chi which can cause damage if not slowed down.

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