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Book 3 of the Self Realization series builds on the lessons thus learned and lifts readers ever higher to awareness and personal evolution. Join SIMRAN as she takes you on this last leg of the journey to self-realization: a return to heart-based, soulful intimacy. An "unknown" YOU has treasures in escrow, locked within your range of humanity. Your soul purpose is to reweave this human experience into the embodiment and humble power of a God on legs. Use this resource for deconditioning and allow your divine courtship to unfold. More than a book, she is a Guide who will breathe into you, cry with you, and stand beneath you, while showing you how to receive seven human graces. Through a multisensory experience of Self, these seven human graces open the way for divine knowing. You are not just a rainbow in the dark; you are the illuminating golden essence that is the field of belonging

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