Moldavite Herkimer Diamond Meteorite Bracelet 007

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Sterling Silver

Has a lobster claw clip

Healing properties include:


  • Extraterrestrial origin from a meteorite
  • Extremely high vibration
  • Enhances higher communication
  • Grounding for ”star children”
  • Powerful metaphysical effects
  • Opens the highest spiritual guidance
  • Seeing past and future
  • Brings solutions
  • Healing – goes straight to where is it needed in the body and beings unconditional love

Herkimer Diamond:

  • Promotes creativity
  • Attunes to higher level
  • Links people together
  • Enhances healing abilities
  • Clears electromagnetic pollution
  • Holds memories
  • Telepathy
  • Past life recall
  • Healing – detoxifier, insomnia, cellular disorders and improves metabolic imbalances

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