Shangaan Smoky Amethyst Sceptor 8

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Shangaan Amethysts are diverse mixtures of amethyst, clear and smokey quartz. They show sceptres, elestial formations, enhydros and mystery within their beautiful forms. Scepter points are more rare than your average crystal point, and they occur when a Quartz point begins growing around a previously formed Quartz point. Scepters help to release trapped or dense emotions and frequencies (allowing for free energy flow), and they also assist in energizing one to take action towards their goals. It contains a strong feminine energy that brings out self-confidence and personal power. The crystal is seen as a master healer that creates personal transformation.

  •       Feels like ‘coming home,’
  •       Magical transformation,
  •       Assists in letting go of old habits,
  •       Helps to see the unknown and the unseen,
  •       Reintegrated star and should aspects into the energy body,
  •       Untangles timelines.

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