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Having observed thousands of people from every walk of life, bestselling author and psychic Sonia Choquette can confidently say that the ones who genuinely succeed, the ones who find peace and joy in their hearts and take pleasure in their experiences, have a different way of going about things. Rather than relying solely on their egos and suffering the assaults life renders them, they turn to a higher aspect of their nature - the Spirit within - and let this direct their lives.In this book, Sonia outlines ten simple steps to allow you to make that same connection to your authentic Spirit. As Sonia says, These arent just metaphysical theories, but are tried-and-true, grounded practices that will lead you directly back to you: the best, holiest, most delightful and delighted you, free of fear and filled with light. The most exciting part is that learning to love yourself and live your Spirit is actually quite simple when you realize the truth revealed herein: that you are not the ego, but rather are Divine, Holy Spirit. Once you do, everything will come alive in light and joy. Love yourself and live your Spirit, and your life flows peacefully. It really is that simple.

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