The Travel Kit

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Never stop exploring. Every penny spent on travel is more than rewarding, it makes one rich. The memories, the inspiration, the enrichment, the wonder, the gratitude and the energy you receive from the experience is irreplaceable and will be held in your heart forever.

 I AM...Protected acts as a protective layer around your being. It aids in psychic protection, helping you to clear and release any unwanted energies taken on from your environment.

DIRECTIONS:  Mist around your hotel room and your being, filling the space with a cleansing, uplifting and relaxing scent, along with helping to clear the energy of your place of rest.

AFFIRMATION: "I am safe, secure and protected. I attract wonderful people and opportunities into my life."


HAPPY TRACKS is a soothing blend of essential oils and plant essences to help support and calm anxious tummies along with alleviating motion sickness.

 DIRECTIONS:Simply apply to the soles of the feet and wrists, and over the stomach in a circular motion; rub in gently. Wrist point is 3 finger breaths below the crease of the wrist. Place your thumb in between the 2 large tendons. This is your point for motion sickness and nausea.

Please note: DO NOT use Happy Tracks if pregnant due to some of the pure essential oils used.


I AM...Balanced is an uplifting blend of essential oils showering your being with a sense of joy, ease and adaptability. This blend activates your fire within, giving you the calm strength and confidence to go out and accomplish while keeping your free spirit and go with the flow style illuminated.

DIRECTIONS: Spray over the crown of the head and liberally on and around your body, repeat the affirmation, take a deep breath, and let go.

AFFIRMATION: "I am centred and joyous. I easily adapt and go with the flow of life."

 Now....Relax, kick back and enjoy the journey!

“A peaceful harmonious world begins with a peaceful harmonious self”