W. Davidson Dowsing for Cures

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An A-Z directory by Wilma Davidson. Full of valuable information about a wide range of illnesses, possible cures and treatments, including rain forest medicines and minerals, this is a book to treasure! This wonderful book will become your first port of call when illness hits a member of the family. In each page readers will find simple explanations to enable you to diagnose illness and find the most beneficial remedies to reduce symptoms as well as basic lessons on dowsing to enable readers to become confident when using the pendulum. Although the book is written as an A-Z for dowsers, those who do not dowse will also find the information on illnesses absolutely invaluable. Most health problems are covered, and Dowsing for Cures includes information on infertility, impotence, chemicals in the blood, depression, heart problems, schizophrenia, sleep problems and cancer.

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