Wish Candles 10cm

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10 x 1cm

Made from vegetable stearin using natural dyes and a braided cotton, lead free wick.

Vegan friendly

Pink colours-  unconditional love, romance, happiness, harmony, empathy, connection, intimacy, to strengthen new relationships, and to facilitate relationship healing, reconciliation, forgiveness, and emotional healing.

Brown/Nude Colours-grounding, balance, and building trust

Orange Colours- good luck in career, networking, joy, stimulating energy

Yellow- intellect, focus, learning, overcome mental blocks, expand your wisdom, gain clarity and confidence, bring in new ideas

Gold- success, happiness, enlightenment, confidence, prosperity, wealth, personal power, and wisdom

White- protection, new beginnings and purity, healing, truth, meditation, peace, gratitude, harmony, to call on spirit guides, or to help calm the mind. You can burn white candles in place of any other colour candle if the colour you desire is not available

Green Colours- money magic or good luck magic, abundance, manifesting, success, prosperity, or health

Blue Colours- spiritual or emotional healing, improving communication, and for tapping into your creativity, enhance focus, memory, justice, prophetic dreams, and inspiration, harmony, peace of mind, truth, healing, and connection with the higher self

Purple Colours- psychic power and open your third eye, wisdom, meditation, divination, uncovering secrets and knowledge, and deepening your spiritual awareness

Silver- astral energy, female energy, and help you strengthen your intuition, telepathy, clairvoyance, powerful dreams

Grey/Charcoal- neutrality, balance, protection, peace, and spiritual wisdom

Black- protection, repelling, absorbing, or banishing negative energy, reverse curses or hexes, unblock stuck energy, stop bad habits, or to put an end to an unhealthy situation

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