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$3 chunks

raw goodness



These self love scoops are amazing! I bought mine and was blown away with the size tumbles included with the chips. I definitely feel you get more than $5 worth with these beauties


Thank you so much for my mystery box. The value was amazing. I have wanted some of those crystals for a while and the pink amethyst was the perfect crystal for me at the moment too


Love these!


Thank you! My daughter and i enjoyed mining some crystals this afternoon.


I bought one of these and I am INLOVE w it!!! Thank you. So beautifully packaged too.


Really impressed with the amount of crystals in the Miners Bag. We had lots of fun too! Thank you


Our Pick Of The week

Manifest Annie Tarasova
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What is manifestation?

Manifestation is a process of bringing your dream, intention or idea into physical world. It is a practice of turning your thoughts into reality.

'Manifest' breaks down manifestation into three parts. Power of Mind, Power of the Universe, and Action. The impossible becomes possible when all three forces come together. 

Second half of the book is an interactive section for writing, goal setting, and vision boards.

You don't have to be into spirituality to enjoy this book. It has a heavy focus on goal setting that absolutely anyone will benefit from. 

Makes a beautiful gift. Although, if you are buying this for a gift, be aware that you might want to keep it ;)


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