Welcome to Preah Ko



A place where caring for your spirit and soul is our top priority. 

Opened in 2015 in The Levee, Maitland, NSW. Preah Ko is a place of love and acceptance for all people. We are a small family business, focused on spreading good vibes and positivity. 

Preah Ko is your local source of crystals and all things spiritual that are ethically sourced and handpicked by Trace, Jim & Tay (owners).

Here you will find a variety of weird and wonderful products including clothing, crystals, giftware, homewares, Himalayan salt products, jewellery, candles, singing bowls, books, oracle and tarot cards, essential oils & lots of other goodies. 

We look forward in joining you on your journey to make a more positive life for yourself and others.

What's in a name?

Preah Ko pronounced Pre Ah Co. Is my favourite temple in Cambodia.

Preah Ko was built in 879 by King Indravarman, dedicated to Shiva, built for his parents and grandparents and previous King Jayavarman II and his wife. NOTE - temples are either built for a king, prince etc or Queen, princess etc, not both genders together.

Why Preah Ko?

My family and I went on a family vacation over Christmas - New Years 2014. With no plans on Christmas Day, we ended up At Preah Ko.

Preah Ko is located in a very small village called Roluos. When you arrive at the temples around Cambodia there are always people waiting to sell you something, being a small village there were a few people about as we walked into to temple grounds a few kids tried to sell us postcards for $1US. We walked around the temple, took photos. I stopped and sat down on the ledge of one the temples and just took in the beauty of the place. As I was sitting there one of the local girls came up and sat next to me, she didn't say anything, just sat, we sat there together in silence for 10minutes. She got up and toddled off to her friends.

The energy of Preah Ko is absolutely amazing.

My family and I then headed over the road to the local village stores. As we walked about I realised we were in the orphanage our driver had told us about on the way. The orphanage is for children 5-16, it's not about adopting the children out, they raise the children in their own community, educate them and give them skills like leather carving and silk weaving. The orphanage also raises money for the local people, to install water pumps for clean water. As we were walking around a car pulled up and out got Santa ( Santa was an ex-orphan ), also keep in mind that Cambodia is predominately Buddhist. The children lined up and Santa gave each and every one of the children a small stuffed toy. To see those kids faces still brings tears to my eyes. They were so excited, they hugged their toys and held them as close to them as they possibly could. All the children then had a group photo with Santa, they asked us to get in the photo as well. It was a day I will never forget and a place that will always have a special place in my heart.