Deepak Chopra Walking Wisdom

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GROWING UP, GOTHAM CHOPRA WAS EXPOSED TO THE DEEPEST reservoirs of knowledge that his famous father, Deepak, could find; his childhood was part spiritual, part scientific, and totally unique. Now a new father himself, he has contemplated the influences he wants to draw on for his own son. The first was no surprise: his father. The second was unexpected: his dogs.

He realised that the lessons and qualities his dogs have shown him over the years have had a true impact on his outlook: from their curiosity and wisdom to their open-mindedness and passion, these animals shaped his life.

After circumstances pushed them together in adulthood, Deepak and Gotham’s daily walks with their dogs offered them a chance to reconnect, reminisce and reflect on their lives, fatherhood, memories and lessons that have profound meaning for fathers, sons, dog owners and families.

Gotham’s and Deepak’s message may seem simple, but therein its brilliance. Heartfelt, endearing, and above all down to earth, Walking Wisdom offers readers both enlightenment and comfort, with a little bit of mayhem thrown in for good measure.

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