Head Like A Sieve

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Technology should amplify the human experience, not fuck with it. Just once, it would be good if a website said ‘close enough’ when you enter your username and password.

Does “Sorry, your password is too weak. You must include: a symbol, a number, the name of your first pet, a spell, the entire script of ‘The Titanic’ and an uppercase letter.” have a familiar ring to it? Then, hold that thought! You need to use this journal.

Defamations takes no responsibility if you fail to write down your passwords in this book. There’s only so much we can do to help you! How to use: Shuffle. 1. Hold the whole pack for a moment. 2. Choose a card or chuck them in the air to see what shit you’re in for today.

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We are a family-run business here in Maitland, NSW Australia. We consciously source crystals, books & oracle/tarot cards, jewellery, incense & aroma products and all things spiritual. By purchasing from us, you're supporting us and our dream to provide a safe and open place for people on their spiritual journey.