Love Crystal Kit

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Rhodochrosite, Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Emerald and New Jade.




A stone of selfless love and compassion. Expands consciousness and imparts a positive attitude. Rhodochrosite attracts soulmates and is an excellent stone for relationships. Excellent for asthma and other respiratory issues.


Rose Quartz


Unconditional Love Infinite Peace

Rose Quartz is extremely powerful for the heart chakra. Purifies and opens the heart. Attracts love. Replaces negative energy with loving vibes. Heals with love. Comforts grief. Opens you up to love of yourself and others. Aids in chest and lung problems. Wear over the heart.




Emotional Balancer

Encourages unity. Clears and activates the heart. Balances Yin & Yang. Great for people who self-destruct. Helps with Co-dependency issues and abuse. Transmutes anger & resentment.




A stone for self confidence.

Good for people who are self conscious of body image and what others think of them. Helpful for medical conditions such as epilepsy, respiratory issues, eyesight problems, angina and fertility.


New Jade


Love Luck

Jade is a symbol of purity and serenity. Increases love. A protective stone. Attracts good luck. Brings insightful dreams. Cleanses the body’s filtration system.