Rose Of Jericho

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Rose of Jericho (resurrection plant) is an ancient herb known for its ability to “come back to life” after appearing to dry out and die. People use it widely in the Middle East, various parts of Europe, and beyond as a traditional medicine to help with many health conditions.

People also use it in religious and spiritual practices — sometimes in holy water — to protect against illness and negative energy. Or in some cultures, families pass down a Rose of Jericho through the generations as a tradition.

People most commonly use rose of Jericho as a decorative plant and in various spiritual ceremonies. Many believe it:

  • “resurrects” areas of your life
  • brings good fortune
  • protects you from negative energy or situations

Place the dry plant in a dish of water so that only the roots are submerged. The plant will start to show signs of coming back to life within minutes and will be fully open within 12-24 hours. Change the water every day or two. Keep your plant in bright, indirect light, away from heating vents and drafts. Remove the plant from water once a week for a full day. Let it dry out fully once a month. Once it’s dry, put it in a safe, dark place. Rest and repeat. 

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